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Mediumship and Personal Development

FORUM IMPULS - Mediumship and Personal Development (in the following referred as FIP MaP)


Please note that at the end of this text you will find our definitions such as “mediumship” and “advanced”.


The Idea for FIP MaP initially came from the Spirit World in a trance sitting where they communicated their wish to create with me an area where people can gather and be with Spirit. We gladly opened up to this wish and thus FIP MaP was founded with the high demand from our own to foster and support mediums in there development on a high level with carefully chosen trainers and tutors.


Not only good but outstanding mediums will enrich Switzerland and beyond. Therefore, our aim is to gain a high mental and trance mediumship level in Switzerland. We would like to cover a niche with FIP MaP in Switzerland for well educated and advanced mediums to carry on with their development in mental and trance mediumship as well as personal development through tutoring in small groups.


For this purpose we carefully choose mediums for training and tutoring at regular intervals throughout the year thus enabling a healthy development and accompaniment for the student.


Commitment: Above all we feel committed to the Spirit World. Inspired by Spirit we would like to implement what is necessary NOW and so we are open where the journey with FIP MaP will lead us to….


Motto: As practising mediums our learning process never ceases, the journey continues and we are confronted with our self responsibility for proper education, personal development and supervision for the best benefit of the Spirit World, our human fellows, our surrounding and ourselves.


Network: FIP MaP shall be considered as linking and completing part to the mediumistic territory in Switzerland and in no way as competitor.


Spirit inspired me, that there is “only one mediumistic mission to be fulfilled for all mediums” and this is motto vision in one for us. It is not about us but the commitment to this mission.


Curriculum Idea:

FIP MaP is for mediums with the honest and modest intention and dedication for their mediumistic development.


It is very important for us to enable in collaboration with the trainers and tutors to be in personal contact with the students enabling individual growth for the students and taking care for their concrete needs allowing sufficient time and space for it. Our concern is an appropriate and optimal promotion for mediums.


The mediumistic student can chose his own curriculum out of the different modules and so be trained by his favourite trainers/tutors over a long period of time. Thus a personal and individual training with regular feedback and consequently an adapted development for each student shall be obtained.


Each student shall be integrated actively in personal trainings in small groups and in close contact with the chosen trainers and tutors that way enabling the experience of being caringly and accompanied individually on a high level  – no pressure, just own steps.


The individual mediumistic potential of each student shall experience constructive support as well as individual mediumship including the human being in its entirety and not standardized mediumship.


Training in small groups, supervisions, intercommunication amongst the students, personal attention, individual feedback are besides day and weekend seminars part of the possibilities as well as platforms for healers and mediums to introduce themselves and to practise.


Personal development is intended for all mediums e.g. those not feeling good enough etc. It is about investigating and letting go the shackles, believe concepts, etc., to unblock the way in order to experience more freedom in our “mediumistic course of life”. I am thinking of establishing an awareness of personal borders, healthy self respect, handling the ego, realizing the influence of mind, personal responsibility, self-love, spiritualism, etc.


Common growth – merging – supporting – constructing – in this way aware of being more in our community than just the sum of our parts.


Long Term Vision: To offer a platform for personal, individual and additional qualification for already well-educated and trained mediums having graduated e. g. in a mediumistic Swiss school. Until then we also gladly welcome all not-yet graduated mediums with an honest approach and advanced in their development. It is possible that in the course of time student groups will be separated into those still in training and those already working as mediums and aiming for new personal challenge through personal training with supervision without the necessity of travelling abroad. We would like go give priority to the possibility of regular trainings always held by the preferred and same trainers and tutors.


FIP MaP can be supported via “Förderwelle-Membership” (http://www.forumimpuls-basel.ch/f%C3%B6rderwelle/).


Responsibility for text and contents


Monika Dalle Carbonare




Mediumship: Areas such as links to Spirit and Spirit Guides, trance healing, trance generally, physical mediumship, etc.


Advanced in Mediumship: To be regarded as advanced in mediumship you are in the middle of a mediumistic education or have relating circle and seminar experience and able to link to the Spirit World autonomously, possibly with platform know-how or obtained a fairly deep trance level and capable to work with your Spirit Team. You can work psychically and know the difference between this and mediumship. In short we require the knowledge and practise of the “mediumistic and psychic ABC” in order to build up onto this.


Student is chosen expressively to emphasize a certain autonomy.